Step Zero

Looking at the path of successful entrepreneurs, it seems like they magically stumbled on a problem – and that problem was calling their name. Interviewing them would go something like this (I’d assume),

  • So how did you get the idea for edible wallets?
  • Well I started noticing myself broke at the end of every month and I wanted to have a meal. I’d check my wallet and not find any money, so I thought: why not make edible wallets?
  • Wow. You had a moment of brilliance there.

It seems like step one is to look for a problem to solve – and that is almost true for a starting point. Step one is looking for a problem worth solving, but step zero is deciding who .

Whose problems do you want to solve? Who do you want to serve?

Step zero is about interviewing yourself. Having a 1:1 with you.

The reason this is even more important today is because people want to buy from people, not businesses. They want to know who is behind the brand. Literature calls this authenticity. Does the business mimic the mind behind it? Does it mirror the values, principles and mission of the founder?

Today, one of the first things you do when dining at a new restaurant concept is to ask about the chef behind it. It’s a story to tell, and people love that.

There is no shortage of business ideas. No shortage of problems. No shortage of services that can help bring your product to reality. But there’s a shortage of you.

Who do you want to serve? Figure that out. It’s step zero.

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