Remarkable Belief

Like every business owner, I was a customer at my own business. It was a form of quality control (plus the fact that I actually needed the service). When we first started out, I was ecstatic. We were really doing something different (flat-rate subscription laundry, a first in Kuwait), and we were good at it. We started the laundry shop with brand new equipment. We also hired, what we thought at the time, were the best laundry attendants.

We were brimming with belief.

Fast forward a couple of months later, and things started falling apart. Not in the uniqueness of our service (we were on point with our scheduled deliveries and we maintained the flat-rate model), but we started to stumble in the quality of our actual washing.

As much as I hate to admit it, we were as good as average in terms of washing. We soon came to find out that the employees we had hired were not that highly qualified (talking about the laundry mafia in Kuwait would require an entire book to discuss). We were returning items that were not cleaned as well as should be, and we were starting to mix up people’s clothes. Yikes.

We had hit rock bottom.

Before we can tout our innovative service, we needed to make sure that our core activity – washing – was actually decent. We went back to square one, and overhauled the entire operation.

Looking back at that phase (we had exited Mirror Lake back in 2017), I realized how much belief played a role in all of this. In the times that we were sputtering and making errors, we weren’t selling with confidence. We weren’t selling with belief. And people noticed.

Belief is everything, and you can’t fake it. Before convincing your mom to sign up for your business or buy the product you just launched, you have to believe in what you’re selling. That it solves a problem. That it does the job pretty darn well.

I guess that’s why they say that the best type of marketing starts with a remarkable product.

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