Where to Start

Successful entrepreneurs know how to build and sell. If you’re a builder, then partner with a seller. If you’re a seller then partner with a builder.

The best way to get started with entrepreneurship is to solve a problem you’re facing. Then go on to find people like you.

Here are a few other ways you can get started:

  1. Skill-first: A lot of designers get started this way. They know how to design, draw, or model, and then use that skill to serve a market. Writers do this as well. Do you have a skill that you’re particularly good at? How can you offer it as a service or product?
  2. Technology-first: Some people are tech-oriented. They want to use blockchain to solve a problem. They want to use machine-learning to serve a market. Technologies enable people to solve their problems better. Is there an enabling technology that you’re passionate about?
  3. Customer-first: Is there a specific type of person you want to serve? The elderly in Kuwait? Newly weds? Entrepreneurs? Many people decide to serve people like themselves.
  4. Problem-first: What problems would you like to solve? Smoking? Social media addiction? The problem of socks that go missing in laundry? Many people are wired to want to solve a specific problem. What problem are you interested in solving?

How it all ties together

Those are a few different starting points. For example, I started out by identifying my customer: entrepreneurs (people like myself). I then identified different problems they face (finding ideas, testing new concepts), and used skills that I feel confident with to solve these problems (writing, teaching).

Where will you start?

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