Death to Brainstorming

Brainstorming is one of the most popular ways to come up with ideas. If you’ve ever taken part in a brainstorming activity, you’d know that you’ll end up with a lot of stickies. Brainstorming does lead to a lot of ideas. Unfortunately, they rarely lead to good ideas.

In fact, they may lead to dangerously plausible sounding ideas. The issue with brainstorming techniques is that they are disconnected from the problems we’re trying to solve for.

According to a Capshare article, only 6% of unicorn founders got their ideas through brainstorming. That percentage is only 3% when it comes to serial entrepreneurs. What’s more interesting is that the majority of ideas come from industry expertise (41%) or scratching your own itch (23%).

That tells us that we’re better off observing and understanding contexts than brainstorming if we want to come up with high quality ideas.

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