Abdulmohsen T. Alduwaisan

Hello there! My name is Abdulmohsen T. Alduwaisan.

In 2013, I was introduced to this concept called “innovation” for the first time. And while many people have misused it for their PR efforts (I see some of you rolling your eyes), I believed in it – and I still do!

The basic activities of innovating – experimenting, testing, understanding problems and people, prototyping, creating new solutions – appealed to me. I was hooked ever since. I became very passionate with the practice.

Throughout the years, innovation slowly developed into a monstrous buzz word thrown in every company brochure. You can say it became the new “synergy” in the corporate board room. Determined to prove to myself and to people that innovation, done properly, is a valuable approach, my passion transformed into purpose.

I started this website, and my newsletter, to share with you everything I’ve learned from my failures and successes in creating new products and businesses.